Survey: NZ Consumer Confidence Rising

April 24, 2009 New Zealand Finance  No comments

According to a recently conducted survey, New Zealand consumers are seeing a brighter future soon and are less pessimistic.

According to research published by Roy Morgan Research, which questioned 2,156 people between the 2nd and 18th of January, New Zealander’s are becoming more optimistic about the country’s economic outlook.

From a consumer perspective, of those surveyed the percentage who says that “now is a good time” to buy home appliances has increased by 6% to 48%. Conversely, the percentage of those saying it was a bad time to buy has dropped by 5% to 39%.

Other changes included a fall of 4%, in those thinking that they were financially “worse off” at the time of the survey, bringing it to a level of 38%. Conversely, 31% thought that they were “better off”, up 3% from the previous period.

Overall, the Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Rating is relatively higher now than it was in mid 2008.
It must be said though that the survey is somewhat dated in the current quickly changing economic environment. With the survey being taken in January 2009, the results could be different if taken now, and as such serve only as an indicator.

The full listing of question and results can be found here.