Exporters Want Own Stimulus

August 7, 2009 International FinanceNew Zealand Finance  No comments

According to a DHL confidence survey, New Zealand government needs to investment in business, especially in export oriented industries.

The DHL survey saw a significant 82% of all respondents reply with the sentiment that the Government needs to provide a stimulus package. While the Government is already providing NZD$7 billion for such support, the majority of this will go towards infrastructure and will have little tangible effect on results for exporters.

The survey and subsequent results seemed to concentrate on emerging exporters. Gary Edstein, DHL Express Oceania senior vice president, said that “They need to ask if there is further opportunity to support emerging exporters”.

According to the DHL survey, 60% of exporting respondents believed that their orders will increase in the next year, another 45% believe their profitability will also rise. It is thought that a stimulus package or similar activity that lowers trade barriers would serve to greatly foster this rise in exports.

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