No Future Tax Decisions Yet Made by Government

September 25, 2009 New Zealand Taxation

No decision have yet been made by the government in regards to New Zealand’s future taxation mix or Taxation Working Group proposed ideas.

According to Peter Dunne, New Zealand Revenue Minister, the government is yet to make any decisions regarding the levels of taxation for New Zealand in the near future. He wished to emphasize that the government is yet to discuss any papers released by the Taxation Working Group, or subsequently make a decision on their recommendations.

At the EMA Tax Summit, held on the 25th of September, Peter Dunne stated “Those who assume that every utterance or paper released by the Tax Working Group is really a coded effort by the Government to indicate its policy intentions have simply read one conspiracy novel too many.”

Peter Dunne wished to emphasize that the Taxation Working Group, which was formed to advise the government on taxation issues, has not yet reached their final recommendations, and as such no discussions have yet been held. He went on to say that the government’s taxation decisions would be based on three main issues. The first of these is the internal economic and fiscal environment. The second is the international environment. Efficiency with public services is the third of these.