Jail Time for Christchurch Tax Dodger

October 12, 2009 New Zealand Taxation

Philip John Duncan, a Christchurch based property developer, has been found guilty of GST fraud, and received sentencing.

Upon admitting to eight charges of tax evasion, totaling NZ$663,952, Philip John Duncan has been sentenced to two and a half years of jail time. The charges against the Christchurch based property developer revolved around intricate company, trust and associated company structures, and a series of canceled transactions and claims on purchases that never occurred.

Cases of tax evasion began to occur in 1999 when CHL Limited, a Philip Duncan operated company, purchased a series of properties in Christchurch. GST deductions were made on the properties and property developments that were scheduled to occur. Though they were canceled, and no adjustments were made to the GST return to reflect this. Tax evasion for this case amounted to $315,245.

Further evasions continued in the same fashion. As Philip John Duncan is now bankrupt and no reparation was sought by the court.