Court Sentence for PAYE Fraud

December 7, 2009 New Zealand Taxation

HDR Image of Rig #5 - 6A Coromandel woman has been sentenced to seven months home detention and 200 hours community service for tax charges.

Georgie Jensen was sentenced on December 3rd, in the Waihi District Court, after pleading to 13 counts of non-payment of PAYE. Graham Pomeroy, Inland Revenue Assurance Manager, commented on the offences, saying “Failure to meet PAYE obligations is a breach of trust between the director and the employees. But in Jensen’s case, it wasn’t just PAYE but also child support and student loan deductions”.

Georgia Jensen was the director, sole shareholder and an employee of NZ Rigging Services Limited, which she incorporated in 2007. In the period between March 2008 and May 2009, a total of NZ$74,016.69 of PAYE and other employee deductions was withheld from the IRD. Georgia Jensen Since it incorporation, only NZ$7,000 of PAYE payments have been filed by NZ Rigging Services.

Reparation was not sought by the judge, as Georgia Jensen is currently unemployed. Though he did label her actions as “premeditated and deliberate”. Graham Pomeroy commented further by saying that when tax payers act against the system, they not only compromise the integrity of the tax system but cheat the community.

Photo by Robert Galloway