New Zealand OCR Remains Unchanged

January 31, 2010 New Zealand Finance

Wellington, New ZealandThe New Zealand Official Cash Rate (OCR) was left unchanged at its latest review.

At the quarterly Reserve Bank OCR Review, on January 28th, it was announced that the rate would remain at its current level of 2.5 percent. Alan Bollard, Reserve Bank Governor, said that the decision comes as a result of the economy remaining consistent with projections made in the December Monetary Policy Statement. He continued on to say that the annual CPI inflation is situated squarely in the target band and is expected to remain within the area over the medium term.

The New Zealand OCR has remained at 2.5 percent since April 30th, 2009. It has been unchanged through six OCR review announcements. Economists predict that the rate will be raised in mid-2010 if evidence surfaces regarding the sustainability of New Zealand’s current economic recovery.

Expanding on his decision, Alan Bollard explained that rising economic conditions across the world are driving the price of New Zealand commodities higher, aiding in the country’s recovery. Though the Governor expressed concern regarding the ability of Australia and Asian nations to maintain their economic upturns. Further, he claimed that the New Zealand Government’s fiscal and monetary stimulus policies have aided the country’s recover, but could be withdrawn in mid-2010, as the need for them declines.

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