Top Tax Rate to be Cut Significantly

May 17, 2010 New Zealand Taxation

WN 10-0084-055Prime Minister John Key has given strong indication that top-marginal personal tax rates will be significantly cut in the upcoming Government Budget. He justified the decision by claiming it will decrease the “brain drain” seen in New Zealand.

On May 17th John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, appeared in a television interview and made it clear that the upcoming budget will feature cuts to personal taxes across all levels, but with special emphasis on top-marginal rates. John Key’s comments led economist to believe that the anticipated increase in Goods and Service Tax (GST) will also be announced within the Budget, to offset the decreased tax personal tax revenues.

When questioned on the fairness of increased tax cuts for high earners, John Key claimed that the move was vital for the future economic situation of the country. According to the Prime Minister, it is important that efforts are made to retain the highest skilled workers in the nation, both for their large tax contribution and provided services. He summarized the intentions of the change, saying, “Part of what you are going to see on Thursday is a deliberate attempt to get people to say here and contribute to the economy.”

Overall, John Key stated that the Budget will be aimed at improving the economic growth of the entire nation. He said that it will also deliver increased benefits, opportunities and welfare for everyone in the economy.

Photo by nznationalparty