Health Insurance Tax Rebate Proposed for Elderly

July 10, 2010 New Zealand Taxation

Breeder checking on the health status of conserved germplasm of cowpea seedsThe New Zealand Revenue Minister has revealed that he is weighing up the idea instating tax rebates for health insurance premium payments for the elderly.

Speaking at a meeting of Grey Power Bay of Plenty on July 9th, Peter Dunne, Revenue Minister and associate Health Minister of New Zealand, stated that he is currently planning to release a proposal for “a tax rebate for health insurance premium payments for over 65s.”

According to Peter Dunne, many elderly New Zealanders have taken out health insurance in the past, but are now struggling under the the financial burden of escalating insurance premiums. The tax rebates would ensure that elderly taxpayers will continue to receive continued levels of access to elective surgery in New Zealand, by subsidizing the price increases. The Minister stated that he plans to reveal the exact details of the tax rebate later this year, and put a proposal in front of the Government before 2011.

The Minister also proposed instating a “warrant of fitness” health-check system for elderly tax payers. Although he added that since the latest Budget, the increased levels health-services funding have provided greater levels of accessibility to elective surgeries in New Zealand. The Governments current levels of cooperation with the health sector are also aiding the elderly in attaining required medical attention.

Photo by IITA Image Library