NZ Tax Data Made Public

December 8, 2010 New Zealand Taxation

Stack of News PapersThe Inland Revenue Department has opened up a significant amount of data to the public, providing live statistics regarding taxpayers, tax revenues and national compliance.

On December 8th the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) launched a new website displaying live statistics and information regarding the country’s tax collections and associated information. The information’s publication is an attempt by the IRD to improve transparency and provide data for external users, like researchers, and other government departments.

The data available on the new website is for statistical purposes only and subsequently does not feature any information that could be identifiable to a particular individual. The IRD is also allowing the full use of all available data for any purposes, under the condition that no indication is made that the results have been published under any government authority.

The tax statistics website features 29 primary types of data concerning New Zealand taxation, which are divided into seven primary categories. Currently the data describes statistics regarding the IRD’s customers, information on national tax agents, Child Support and Working For Families credit data, taxpayer compliance, tax debts, and live statistics concerning revenues and refunds.

The IRD is expected to officially announce and publicize the new website in a matter of days, however it is already fully functional and open to use by the public.

The newly available tax data can be found on the IRD website.

Photo by ? Cishore™