New Christchurch Donation System Revealed

March 9, 2011 New Zealand Taxation

The Revenue Minister has revealed that New Zealanders will now be able to donate to Christchurch through their annual tax returns.

On March 8th the New Zealand Minister of Revenue Peter Dunne gave a speech to the Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand, regarding the government’s current outlook on the tax system. During his speech, the Minister unveiled a new method of donating to the recovery of Christchurch.

The Minister said that last year New Zealanders claimed tax credits of NZD 154 million for donations they had made. He stated that when taxpayers come to file their upcoming annual tax returns, they will now have the option of redirecting part of their tax credits to the government’s Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. Peter Dunne described the system as “a kind of gift aid scheme”.

Peter Dunne explained the government’s decision to instate the new system, saying, “…the message I have been getting is that many people want to be able to do more.” He went on to say that the new scheme will allow New Zealanders to make valuable donations without directly feeling the financial impact of their deed.

The Minister also reminded New Zealanders that they are able to make donations to the appeal through the payroll giving scheme. He advised taxpayers to investigate Inland Revenue Department resources to see if they are able to make such donations.