NZD 1.5 million Tax Evader Sentanced

March 17, 2011 New Zealand Taxation

Cuffs6A Wellington business owner received sentencing for his involvement in NZD 1.5 million in evaded taxes.

Michael Edwin Kooiman, a Wellington based businessman has received a sentence of 12 months home detention and an additional 350 hours community service, for tax evasion charges involving nearly NZD 1.5 million.

Kooiman admitted to 77 charges of aiding his companies in avoiding their tax obligations, and actively evading his personal taxes. The Inland Revenue Department claimed that he evaded in excess of NZD 1 465 000 in taxes, with approximately NZD 837 000 still owed. Initial reparations were made when the IRD took control of one of Kooiman’s businesses, in order to settle his liabilities.

According to IRD the accused initiated several businesses across numerous industries, including commercial fishing, wholesale baking, property development, and construction. He was would routinely dissolve companies and create new ones, in an attempt to evade his accrued tax liabilities. IRD investigators also revealed that Michael Edwin Kooiman would habitually neglect his companies’ PAYE and GST payments.

Inland Revenue Investigations manager Patrick Goggin commented on the outcome of the trial, saying “We are working hard to deal with tax evaders and make sure there’s an even playing field so those who play by the rules aren’t disadvantaged. Taxpayers expect their taxes to go to pay for public services, not to tax cheats like Mr Kooiman.”

Photo by banspy