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Mana Party to Bring “Economic Justice” to NZ

October 28, 2011 New Zealand Taxation

New Zealand MoneyThe New Zealand Mana Party is aiming to equalize income inequalities in New Zealand through a series of new measures.

In a speech given in Auckland on October 27th the Manukau East Mana Party candidate John Minto said that the party is aiming to restore equality across the country.

John Minto claimed that within New Zealand there exists an extremely wealthy 1 percent of the population, while hundreds of thousands of children in the country live in poverty. In order to address the income inequalities the Mana Party promises to push for policies to increase the spending power of low income individuals.

The Mana Party proposes to cut all income taxes from the first NZD 27 000 of taxpayer earnings. The party would also pursue the abolishment of GST on all goods and services in New Zealand...

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Labour to Back Innovative Farmers

October 21, 2011 New Zealand Taxation

cp2The Labour party is looking to woo voters from the agricultural sector with a set of new policies aimed at protecting the New Zealand farming industry.

In a media statement released on October 20th the New Zealand Labour Party said that “brave thinking” is needed in the national agriculture sector. The Party said that it is committed to shaping future economic and taxation polices to promoted agriculture in New Zealand.

As part of its plan, the Labour Party proposes a doubling of the current budget of the Sustainable Farming Fund, which aims to provide financial aid to agricultural projects which deliver economic, environmental and social benefits to New Zealand’s land-based primary industries.

If elected, the Labour Party will also reinstate the national 12...

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NZ is the Second Best Country for Business

October 6, 2011 New Zealand Finance

New Zealand businessNew Zealand is the second best place in the world in which to do business, and is also regarded as the top country for several economic indicators.

The international news publication Forbes has released its annual list of the best countries for doing business. New Zealand has been ranked second on the list, placed only behind Canada on the list of the best countries in which to do business.

Forbes described New Zealand as a country which has grown significantly in the last two decades, saying that the nation has moved from being an agrarian economy to an industrialized free market economy capable of competing globally.

New Zealand was ranked as the top country for investor protection and personal freedoms...

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No Fat Tax For New Zealand

October 5, 2011 International TaxationNew Zealand Taxation

Fat tax in New ZealandA New Zealand food industry group has talked against fat taxes, saying that the concept does not work and would not improve health in New Zealand.

In a press release published on October 5th the Food Industry Group of New Zealand has struck out against Denmark’s new “fat tax”, saying that the measure is unlikely to have any positive effects on national obesity levels.

The Danish government has recently instated a new tax, which is levied in the fat content of certain foods. The measure was aimed at reducing the fat consumption of Danish citizens, with the intention of improving the national diet. However, Katherine Rich, Chair of the Food Industry Group (FIG), claims that the new tax will only serve to make food more expensive for families...

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