Maori Do Not Want Cigarette Tax

July 19, 2012 New Zealand Taxation

Maori don't want cigarette taxWinston Peters has come forward to say that New Zealand Maori are not benefiting from current tax laws for tobacco.

On July 18th leader of NZ First Winston Peters spoke at a select committee hearing, claiming that the government’s current tax treatment of cigarettes and tobacco products does not coincide with the interest of Maori in New Zealand.

Addressing the vice-president of the Maori Party Ken Mair, Winston Peters asked “…I wonder how many Maori are behind you on this issue?”
Winston Peters claimed that the government’s current proposal of raising tobacco taxes by 10 percent a year was created by “the new Maori middle class” and would “thump” low income Maori families with exorbitant costs.

In response to Winston Peters, Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell challenged the NZ First leader to “…to come to Wanganui and come to a bar and we’ll canvass them [Maori] and survey them and we’ll see.”

Photo by Lionoche