Labour Looking to Boost Productivity

August 21, 2012 New Zealand Finance

Labour Looking to Boost ProductivityThe Labour Party is investigating potential means to boost the country economy and to encourage greater levels of exports.

In a speech delivered on July 16th the Finance spokesperson for the Labour Party David Parker said that the Party was potentially looking to boost the New Zealand economy using tax breaks, increased spending infrastructure and implementing a capital gains tax.

In order to reach its economic goals, the Labour Party will strive to achieve these goal by expanding the manufacturing sector and bringing more taxpayers into “middle income jobs”. Elaborating further, David Parker said “…pouring more coffees, servicing more tourists or selling more raw commodities doesn’t add enough to our productivity.”

According to David Parker, a productivity breakthrough is need in New Zealand in order to increase the number of people employed in the national manufacturing sector.

He went on to say that “…a capital gains tax is fundamentally important,” and could encourage New Zealanders to invest into productive export businesses.

Photo by patrick h. lauke