New Zealand Loses Jobs Under National

August 13, 2012 New Zealand FinanceNew Zealand Taxation

New Zealand CoinsOver the weekend the Labour Party of New Zealand released a media statement, claiming that the “… National has lost 20,000 manufacturing jobs on its watch.”

The Labour Party claims that the National Party is letting “manufacturing rust in the regions”, and New Zealand based exporters are being economically hindered by the high value of the New Zealand dollar. The leader of the Labour Party David Shearer went on to say that the financial plight of manufacturers is forcing employers to cut thousands of jobs, and the National party is not doing enough to aid the situation.

David Shearer explained that in order for New Zealand to grow its economy the country needs to produce innovative and modern products to sell internationally. He explained that modern manufacturing jobs will create more high-wage jobs, and will grow the economy, while boosting the economy.

In order to promote the expansion of manufacturing jobs, the Labour Party has pledged to increase savings levels of New Zealanders, reform taxation rules to encourage greater investment into business and manufacturing, and take action to lower the high New Zealand dollar.

Photo by yum9me