Government Supporting Military Training For Unemployed Youth

September 24, 2012 New Zealand Taxation

military training The government is pushing employers around New Zealand to employ more young people, and is encouraging unemployed youth to take advantage of its employment boot camp program.

In a press release issued on September 20th the Prime Minister of New Zealand pledged that the government will provide greater support for programs aimed at helping unemployed youth transition into employment.

The Prime Minister said that he has “…personally written to around 175 employers asking them to take on motivated young people who have completed the LSV [Limited Services Volunteer] course and are ready to work. I will continue to write to employers over the coming months.”

According to John Key, the Limited Services Volunteer (LSV) is “… unique mix of fitness, personal presentation and other employment-focused activities,” which “…really motivates young people, leaving them ready to work and keen for a job.”

The LSV program is a six week course run by the New Zealand Defense Force, which is open to individuals between the ages of 18 and 25, and is run from military camps in Hobsonville, Trentham and Burnham.

The Prime Minister also said that the government has taken other initiatives to promote youth employment, saying that employers are able to utilize the government’s Job Streams initiative, which can provide subsidies for employing new staff.

Explaining the government’s support of youth employment programs, John Key said “…we’re making it easy for employers and we’re even subsidizing the jobs. So I am personally encouraging businesses to step up and help make a difference to these young people’s lives.”

Photo by U.S. Pacific Fleet