Greenpeace Told to Reapply for Tax Exempt Status

September 5, 2012 New Zealand Taxation

Charity workGreenpeace should lodge a new application for tax-exempt status, if it wishes to be considered to be a charity.

At a hearing at the Court of Appeal on September 4th the legal representatives for the non-profit environmental organization Greenpeace said that the group should not be registered as a charity as it is too political and has been involved in illegal activities.

Greenpeace is currently taking legal action to challenge a decision made last year by the New Zealand Charities Commission to strip the environmental group of its status as a charity, as the organization was considered to be too political to be counted as a charity and has also been involved in illegal activities.

The Court and Greenpeace were told that if the group wishes to obtain charity status again, it should submit a new application for tax-exempt status, instead of pursuing further court action.

Greenpeace currently holds donor tax status with the Inland Revenue Department, and all taxpayers making donations to the group are still eligible to receive tax credits for the contribution. However, Greenpeace does not hold the tax-exempt status of a charity.

Photo by BP America