Investment into New Zealand Grows

September 28, 2012 New Zealand Finance

investment into New ZealandOverseas investors have made three times as much deposits into New Zealand as nationals have into businesses based overseas.

On September 27th Statistics New Zealand released the  Balance of Payments and International Investment Position: Year ended March 2012, showing that foreign direct investment into New Zealand has reached NZD 97.3 billion and Overseas Direct Investment into New Zealand has reached NZD 24.3 billion.

According to Statistics New Zealand approximately two thirds of all foreign direct investment into the country came from Australia and the USA, with the majority of the funds flowing from major banks and other financial institutions.

Statistics New Zealand noted that the FDI into New Zealand from Southeast Asia has rising by NZD 1 billion since 2010, mainly due to an appreciation in value of Singapore-owned companies operating in New Zealand.

Investment from the EU has fallen by NZD 2.5 billion since 2008, mostly due to New Zealand companies borrowing less funds from their EU based parent companies.

The total of all overseas direct investment from New Zealand is NZD 24.3 billion, with approximately half flowing into Australia.

Photo by tkw954