Jail Time For IRD Employee

February 13, 2013 New Zealand Taxation

jail timeA former IRD worker has been sentenced to serve jail time for serious breaches of conduct, including stealing client information and using private data to falsely claim benefits.

In a ruling made last week, former worker at the Inland Revenue Department was sentenced by the Hamilton District Court to serve a two year and seven month jail sentence for fraud and corruption committed by using personal information of other tax payers to falsely obtain tax refunds.

The former employee of the IRD, Anita Gail O’Connor, worked for the Department between 1992 and 2009, and is alleged to have used client data to falsely receive tax credits and welfare payments, and to open bank accounts under false names. She is also alleged to have amended client information to redirect some welfare payments to her own bank accounts.

She faced 163 charges, with 24 of the charges being for “corrupt use of official information”.

The IRD has claimed that Anita Gail O’Connor wrongly took approximately NZD 222 000, and the money was used to purchase cars, personal goods, and to pay for her gambling.

Photo by C. Young Photography