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200 Million Recovered from Tax Evaders

April 18, 2013 New Zealand Taxation

Peter DunneOver the last two years the IRD has recovered more than NZD 200 million of taxes which were previously unpaid by tax evaders.

In a press release issued in April 18th the Revenue Minister Peter Dunne has hit back against some recent criticism from members of the Labour Party, which claimed that the National Party is too soft on tax evaders and disproportionately harsh on welfare scammers.

The Minister claimed that over the last two years the Inland Revenue Department has successfully closed 1170 investigations into tax evasion, which has directly led to the recovery of more than NZD 200 million in previously unpaid taxes.

He reiterated his position by saying “…now if that is the Government being soft on tax evaders, I will eat my hat.”

Hitting back at the accusations from the Labour Par...

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