Greens Wont Budge on NZ Power

May 3, 2013 New Zealand Finance

The Green Party is continuing to stand staunchly in support of its proposed NZ Power scheme, which promises to lower electricity prices for all New Zealanders.

The Green party has refused to withdraw its proposed NZ Power plan, claiming that the idea would effectively benefit New Zealanders by “…a stealth tax on the economy, leading to healthier families and more jobs.”

Under the NZ Power scheme proposed by the Green party, a new entity called NZ Power would be placed between power generators and power retailers, and would act as the intermediary, setting the cost of wholesale electricity at one uniform price.

The Green party believes that the scheme could open the door to more competition on the electricity market, and could lead to greater innovation and progress in New Zealand’s electricity sector.

The plan is already facing strong criticism from organizations such as Business New Zealand, Forsyth Barr, and First NZ Capital.

The Green Party has suggested that the groups opposing the proposal should come forward and explain their opposition to the idea.

Defending its decision not to budge on the proposal, the co-leader of the Green party Metiria Turei stated that “…the Greens are a democratic party and we won’t have our policy choices dictated to us by big business… we will make our policy choices based on what is best for New Zealand, its people, its economy, and its environment… NZ Power fits the bill“.