IRD Extends Discussion Deadline

May 28, 2013 New Zealand Taxation

IRD DiscussionThe IRD is still calling for New Zealanders to come forward with their views to proposed expansion to the info sharing powers of the Department.

On May 27th the Inland Revenue Department announced that it has extended the deadline to receive submissions from the public regarding the Targeting Serious Crime discussion paper.

The last day for submissions will now be June 4th, and not May 21st as originally scheduled.

Th discussion paper revolves around the question of whether the IRD and other government departments should be allowed to share a greater amount of financial information, including tax information, in an effort to help prevent the occurrence of serious crimes in the country.

The proposed changes to the information sharing rules would allow the IRD to provide taxpayers’ information to other law enforcement agencies when evidence of a crime exists, and the evidence suggests that the crime would normally be punished with at least four years imprisonment.

Photo by patrick h. lauke