Court Busts Intricate Tax Evasion Scheme

July 30, 2013 New Zealand Taxation

PaperworkFour men have been convicted for their roles in a multimillion dollar tax fraud scheme carried out over more than a decade.

Late last week the Wellington High Court today convicted three individuals in their roles in a intricate tax evasion system which resulted in the non-payment of more than NZD 1.8 million in taxes over the last 13 years.

Of the three men, Paul William O’Connor was found guilty of 12 charges of tax evasion, while Scott Crawford Anderson was found guilty two charges of aiding tax evasion and six charges of aiding and abetting, and Brent John Gilchrist was found guilty of the same six charges of aiding and abetting.

Another accused pleaded guilty to a further six charges, but has been granted name suppression.

Explaining the systems used by the accused, the group tax Counsel of the IRD graham Tubb said that the group routinely and meticulously “…used offshore bank accounts, false invoices and false deductions to evade tax and repeated restructurings of the principle business to protect and conceal the proceeds of the fraud.”
Photo by kozumel