Government Wont Rule Out More Tax Hikes

July 17, 2013 New Zealand Taxation

fuel gaugeNew Zealanders may have to brace to feel the sting of yet another set of tax hikes on petrol, as the government looks for more funding for Auckland’s roads.

On July 16th the Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee suggested that New Zealand could see a further hike in the taxes levied on petrol, with the raised funds being earmarked for road development projects around the country, especially in Auckland.

The Minister’s comment came shortly following the release of a new report on potential means to fund roading development in Auckland, calling for regional tax hikes and the introduction of tolls on selected roads across the city.

Gerry Brownlee ruled out government support for the regional costs increases, but mentioned that there is a possibility that the currently planned annual 3 cent hike to petrol taxes could be expanded to raise more funds.

Photo by Leo Reynolds