Tauranga Accountant Sentenced for Perjury

July 9, 2013 New Zealand Taxation

taxAn accountant has been sentenced for evading over NZD 100 000 in taxes, and for purposely misleading the IRD during its investigations of the evasion.

Last week the Tauranga based accountant Bruce Woodward was sentenced to 10 months of home detention and 150 hours of community service for eight charges of filing misleading tax returns, five charges of failing to file returns, and one charge of perjury.

According to the group manager for investigations and advice for the IRD Patrick Goggin, the case is the first for the Department involving perjury charges.

Explaining the reason behind the perjury charge, Patrick Goggin stated that in 2009 Bruce Woodward was called in for an interview with the IRD in order to answer several question regarding allegations of false record, and “…at the start of the interview, he acknowledged that anything he said to us could not be used in criminal proceedings except on a charge of perjury, yet he deliberately withheld relevant information, and he also admitted that he had not co-operated with our officers.”

As a direct result of his actions, Bruce Woodward’s under-payed tax obligations totaled more than NZD 111 000.

Photo by mondays child