IRD Accept Upgrade Bids

October 7, 2013 New Zealand Finance

IRD DiscussionThe IRD is making tangible steps towards an extensive upgrade of its IT and processing systems.

Last week the Inland Revenue Department announced that it will soon begin accepting expressions of interest from external parties regarding the upcoming upgrade of the Department’s internal technology systems.

The expression of interests will be accepted via the Government Electronic Tenders Service, and will be for technical work on the initial phases of the IRD’s system transformation, along with “high level design for the future phases of the programme.“

According to the Commissioner of the IRD Naomi Ferguson, the upgrade is intended to help New Zealanders to”…t simpler and faster for New Zealanders to pay their taxes on time, to receive their entitlements, and reduces the costs of compliance.”

Explaining the caliber of applicants which will be considered, Naomi Ferguson said that “…given the scale and complexity of this project, we will be looking for provider(s) with a proven track record of working on programmes of this nature and magnitude.”
Photo by patrick h. lauke