Local Firms Squeezed Out of IRD Upgrade

October 9, 2013 New Zealand Finance

Some More Sun DisksClaims are arising that no New Zealand firms will be eligible to participate in the upgrade of the IRD tech systems.

Over the course of October 8th several groups came forward to claim that the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department has effectively shut out any local firms from participating in the upcoming upgrade of the Department’s technology infrastructures.

The disapproval, which came from the Green party, the Labour Party, and the Institute of Information Technology Professionals.

Each group claimed that the IRD will only accept proposals and tenders bidders who have previously participated in projects valued at more than NZD 100 million, and from groups who have participated in large-scale projects with national tax authorities.

The steep requirements are claimed to be prohibitive for most New Zealand firms, as they do not hold the experience necessary to be considered.

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