Bed and Carpark Taxes Possible for Ruapehu

April 9, 2014 New Zealand Taxation

Ruapehu tourist taxThe Ruapehu District Council is now looking at implementing taxes specifically aimed at tourists.

Late last week the Ruapehu District Council issued a statement calling for public comments and suggestion on the issue of raising greater revenues for the council, potentially by imposing some form of levies or taxes aimed at visiting tourists.

According to the Council, “…Ruapehu’s visitor industry has some very significant financial issues that need addressing,” and, further, the Council is concerned that “…the reality of the financial issues facing Ruapehu tourism have not been accepted or understood by some operators.”

Currently the council has proposed that in order to raise more revenues, new taxes could be imposed on the use of carparks located in local national parks or near cycle trails, or by imposing a “bed tax” for all visitors staying in commercial accommodation in the District.”

By: Felipe Skroski