Tax on Soft Drinks Critisized

April 7, 2014 New Zealand Taxation

taxes on Soft drinksThe idea of taxing soft drinks in New Zealand has been lambasted, with claims that the tax has failed in every case where it has been implemented anywhere in the world.

Late last week the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union released a new statement striking back at recent media articles deemed to be endorsing the nationwide implementation of a tax on sugar-laden soft drinks.

According to Jordan Williams, Executive Director of the Taxpayers’ Union, every example of sugar taxes being applied in other countries has not had any significant result in reducing the consumption of sugar or on increasing health.

Jordan Williams went on to say that New Zealanders are already taxed too much, and he questioned why taxpayers should face even more taxes because of the “irresponsible behavior” of others.

Sugar tax has appeared several times in the limelight, with suggestions arising periodically for the implementation of a 20 percent tax on beverages with a high sugar content, in order to help reduce obesity and other health problems in the country.

By: Vox Efx