Government Offers Graduate and Intern Funding

May 27, 2014 New Zealand Finance

graduatesThe New Zealand government is now offering funding for high-tech firms to take on young students and recent graduates.

On May 26th the government issued a new statement inviting businesses engaged in research and development to apply for funding to take on recent graduates into permanent positions, or to take on current students for internship positions.

Currently funding is available for accepted businesses to take on 70 Masters of PHD graduates, and 200 Bachelors, Honours and postgraduate Diploma students from the fields of business, design, engineering and science.

The grants are broken down into two catagories, R&D Experience, which will grant a business up to NZD 16 per hour for 400 hours to hire a current student over the summer period, and R&D Career, which will pay up to NZD 30 000 to permanently take on a graduate.

By: bensonk42