National Critisizes KiwiBuild Plan

September 1, 2014 New Zealand Taxation

The National Party is claiming that the Labour Party’s plan for new housing will produce less results than actions already taken by National.

Over the weekend the National Party issued a new statement asserting that the Labour Party has backed down on its previous promises to boost the number of new houses being built in New Zealand.

According to the information in the newly published statement, the Labour Party had previously promised that it would launch a new program which would result in the building of 10 000 new houses each year, however, the Party’s Housing spokesman Phil Twyford has now stated that “…they would deliver only 800 houses in year one, 4000 in year two and 8000 in year 3 – or 12,800 over the next term of Parliament”.

The National Party now claims that the number of houses which would be built under the Labour Party’s KiwiBuild program would be less than half of the increase that the National Party has already achieved during its own term through changes aimed at spurring an expansion of activity in the building industry.

By: Justin Baeder