IRD Forms New ICT Group

October 29, 2014 New Zealand Taxation

ICT in New ZealandThe IRD has formed a new specialist group to provide expertise on how technology can be used to pay taxes in the future.

On October 22nd the IRD issued a statement announcing that seven people have now been appointed to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Reference Group, which is aimed at helping the IRD make better use of information technology in the national tax system.

According to the Chief Technology Officer at Inland Revenue Myles Ward, the individuals selected to serve on the group will provide a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding the ICT sector in New Zealand, and will provide insight to “…ensure technology is used effectively to help simplify the process of paying tax and receiving entitlements.”

He added that the “…Inland Revenue is confident the group’s members are a good representation of New Zealand’s ICT sector and will be an excellent sounding board as we modernize every aspect of our tax system from business processes to customer services.”