New Zealand Ranked 10th for Elderly Well-Being

October 7, 2014 New Zealand Finance

Retiree in New ZealandNew Zealand has ranked among the best countries in the world for people over the age of 65, especially in regards to healthcare and economic capability.

Earlier this week the independent think-tank Help Age International released the results of new research measuring the “well-being of older people” in different countries across the world, ranking New Zealand as the 10th best country based on “how well their older populations are faring”.

New Zealand ranked only 30th in the world for its “enabling environment”, as the perception of safety in the country among older people is only at 58 percent, while satisfaction with the public transport system was only 48 percent.

In regards to income security the country only reached the 27th position on the index, and it was noted that while 98 percent of people over 65 had access to pension cover, but the old age poverty rate is estimated to be 12.5 percent, and the average person over 65 earned 86.2 percent of the income of the average New Zealander.

New Zealand reached the 9th position on the index for the health status of the elderly, with the average person at the age of 60 expecting to live 25 more years, with 18.2 years in good health.

Economic capability was the highest ranking measure for New Zealand in the index, ranking 6th in the world, as 73.3 percent of all elderly had jobs, while 62.1 percent had qualifications from secondary school or higher.

Photo By: David Hodgson