Domestic Abuse Costs Millions Every Year

November 11, 2014 New Zealand Taxation

Domestic abuse costs New Zealand at least NZD 600 million in lost tax revenues every year.

Late last week the independent Glenn Inquiry issued a new statement with the results of new research on the financial cost that domestic abuse has on the country.

According to the experts of the Glenn Inquiry, domestic abuse results in a loss of NZD 7 billion each year in New Zealand, and over the next ten years the costs could keep rising, leading to a total spend of NZD 80 billion over the next decade.

At least NZD 600 million of the total costs borne by New Zealand each year is made up of ACC payments, extra-welfare payments and losses to collections of tax revenues due to domestic violence, while an extra NZD 1 billion comes in the form of lost productivity and wages, while NZD 377 million goes towards treating the injuries and health problems of domestic abuse victims.

Photo By: Feans