Women Pay Less Tax Then Men in New Zealand

November 11, 2014 New Zealand Taxation

Taxation in New ZealandThe financial assistance and lowered tax bills enjoyed by women in New Zealand is helping offset the income gap between men and women, according to new research.

Women in New Zealand pay less tax and receive more in benefits over the course of their lives than men, according to the results of a new study completed by researchers at the Victoria University.

The researchers indicated that women may pay less tax than men because “…partly because women more commonly stay at home than men to look after their children,” and, in addition, due to the pay gap that currently exist in New Zealand between men and women.

Women also received greater levels of assistance from the government over their lifetimes, in part due to the fact that they are more likely to be raising children, and due to the fact that women have a longer life expectancy and will receive greater cumulative superannuation payouts.

According to the authors of the new study, the difference in assistance and taxation for women may help partially offset the income inequality between men and women in New Zealand.

Photo By: Summer Skyes 11