Pollution Will Cost NZd 52 Billion for NZ

December 9, 2014 New Zealand Taxation

Enacting a carbon tax in New Zealand could help reduce the cost of pollution and fund tax cuts for everyday New Zealanders.

The ultimate cost of failing to take action to reduce the levels of carbon emissions in New Zealand could result in a cost to the country of between NZD 3 billion and NZD 52 billion over the years between 2021 and 2030, according to information in a new statement released by the Green Party on December 7th.

According to the co-leader of the Green Party Russel Norman, the cost of inaction on the issue of climate change and emissions will set New Zealand households back by between GBP 2 000 and GBP 34 000 per, and “…New Zealand families can’t afford the cost of inaction”.

The Green Party also added that if New Zealand enacted a levy on carbon emissions, the tax could effectively reduce pollution, while simultaneously reducing cost to New Zealand families while raising enough revenues to fund further tax cuts for individuals.

Photo By: Alex