Not Beersies Cost At Least 1.2 Million

January 22, 2015 New Zealand Taxation

The “Not Beersies” has failed to sway the opinions of heavy drinkers, and may have encouraged some to drink more.

Late last week the Taxpayers Union issued anew statement with information on the cost and outcomes of the recent “Not Beerises” campaign aimed at encouraging lowered levels of alcohol consumption among New Zealanders, showing that the effort may not have had the intended effects despite costing NZD 1.2 million of taxpayers’ money.

According to the taxpayers Union, the cost of the “Not Beersies” advertising campaign was at least NZD 1.2 million, although the exact figure has not been disclosed, even though a request under the Official Information Act.

The experts of the Tapayers’ Union claimed that the campaign had limited effect to decrease alcohol consumption, especially among heavy drinkers, while the most positive effect was felt by individuals who consumed little to no alcohol already.

Further, the Union indicated that in some instances the “Not Beersies” campaign actually increased the demand for beer among selected consumers.

In the statement, the Taxpayers’ Union also indicated that no cost-benfit analysis was conducted on the test, and that “…it’s a creative campaign, but it’s using taxpayers’ money for social engineering rather than for the purpose of reducing harm or promoting health. The documents show that the HPA knew that they were woefully off the mark. They pushed ahead and spent the money anyway.”

Photo By: whatleydude