Tourist Spending up in 2015

February 23, 2015 New Zealand Finance

International tourists coming into New Zealand spent NZD 7.3 billion in the country last year, a significant rise over the total spending in 2013.

Late last week the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment issued a statement showing that over the course of 2014 international visitors coming to New Zealand spent an average of 13 percent more than they did in the previous year.

It is estimated that compared to last year, the amount of total spending by tourists from China has risen by 50 percent to a level of NZD 1 billion, while spending by tourists from the USA, UK and Australia rose by 32 percent, 29 percent and 8 percent respectively.

The total spending by international tourists over the course of 2014 was approximately NZD 7.4 billion.

It was also noted that as of the fourth quarter of 2014 the Ministry and Statistics New Zealand began to use a new method for calculating total expenditures by tourists, resulting in a slight downward revision of the results for the last quarter.

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