Jedis Denied Tax-Free Status

September 29, 2015 New Zealand Taxation

A submission to grant tax-free charitable status to a group claiming to be Jedis has been denied, as the “religion” is not cogent and does not advance spiritual improvement.

In a recent decision the Charities Registration Board of the Department of Internal Affairs opted to deny granting charitable status to Jedi Society Incorporated, a group claiming to stand for the religion of the Jedi.

The Board claimed that the Jedi religion was not “…sufficiently structured, cogent or serious to advance religion; nor to advance moral or spiritual improvement in a charitable manner.”

Commenting on the results of the application Anthony Bremner, a member of the New Zealand Jedi Society’s Jedi Council, said that the notes provided by the Department of Internal Affairs regarding the application would be taken on board, and a new application for charitable status will be launched at a later date.

In the previous national census, taken in 2011, more than 19 thousand New Zealanders claimed to be hold Jedi as their religious belief, however, Jedi has never been officially recognized as a religion in the country.

Photo By: Kenny Louie