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Home Detention for Repeat Tax Evader

September 3, 2015 New Zealand Taxation

A serial tax offender in Auckland has been given a punishment of home detention for evading nearly half a million dollars of taxes.

Last week Sonny Te Kanawa Walker was convicted in the Manukau District Court for repeated tax evasion charges.

Sonny Te Kanawa Walker was accused of evading tax obligations arising from profits garnered in his role as a carpetlayer.

It is estimated that the total amount of taxes evaded was approximately NZD 440 000.

The conviction is not the first time that Sonny Te Kanawa Walker has been charged with tax evasion, as in 2009 he was prosecuted successfully for similar charges.

Sonny Te Kanawa Walker has now been ordered to pay NZD 92 400 in reparations, and faces 10 months home detention.

Photo By: Chris Potter

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