John key Denies Sugar Tax

October 19, 2015 New Zealand Taxation

The government will rely on education programmes and exercise instead of taxing people in order to help fight obesity.

Early on October 18th the Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key claimed that the government would not be implementing a tax on the sale of sugary drinks.

The Prime Minister said that obesity has now overtaken smoking as the leading health concerns in the country.

However, while he also acknowledged that sugar has been proven to have links to obesity, but he also added that “…the problem with sugar tax is: So you put a sugar tax on fizzy drinks fair enough, OK. But what about everything else sugar is in?”

The government is expected to release its anti-obesity plan soon, which will detail the steps the government will take in its effort help reduce waistlines across the country.

The Prime Minister indicated that the new programme will revolve heavily around education and exercise programs.

Photo By: Moyan Brenn