Toilet Tax Stinks, Says Motel Association Chief

October 5, 2015 New Zealand Taxation

Motels across the country are being unfairly targeted by toilet taxes which do nothing but clog up business with red tape and extra costs.

In a statement issued late last week the Motel Association of New Zealand (MANZ) called on local council in New Zealand to drop “toilet taxes”.

Currently some local councils in New Zealand levy a charge on commercial premises, with the amount to be paid based on the number of toilets within the premises.

In its statement the Motel Association claimed that the tax had a disproportionately large effect on accommodation providers, which have a far higher number of toilets compared to businesses in the hospitality industry.

Commenting on the tax, the Chief Executive of the MANZ Michael Baines called on councils to drop unnecessary taxes, and, instead, implement measures to support small businesses, as they are the “engine room of our economy”.

He added that commercial accommodation providers are already facing difficulty when competing with “freeloaders” such as holiday homes and B&Bs, and a toilet tax only serves to increase the burdens and red tape faced by motels.

Photo By: sylvar