Tradies Changing Attitudes on Cash Jobs

October 1, 2015 New Zealand Taxation

Over the last three years an increasing number of tradies have come to realize that under-the-table cash jobs are tax evasion.

Tradespeople in New Zealand are taking onboard the message that they should not do cash jobs and skip out on paying their taxes, according to a new statement released on September 30th by the Inland Revenue Department.

In its statement the IRD claimed that the results of a survey carried out on over 400 tradespeople earlier this year showed that approximately 80 percent of respondents believed that they would be caught if they cheated on their taxes by accepting cash jobs.

The survey followed a trial advertising campaign run in April by the IRD which reminded tradespepople that not declaring incomes and accepting under-the-table work is a crime.

It was also shown that a rising number of tradespeople believe that they will get caught if they cheat on their taxes, with approximately half of respondents agreeing during the survey, while in a similar survey conducted in 2012 only a third of respondents felt the same way.

Photo By: HomeSpot HQ