Greens Call for More Action on Gender Pay Gap

January 22, 2016 New Zealand Finance

The government is not taking enough action to help close the gender pay gap, and pay differences within some government departments highlight the extent of the problem.

On January 22nd the Green Party issued a new statement calling on the government to take action to address the gender pay gap in New Zealand.

The statement by the Green Party follows the release of a new report by the State Service Commissions which showed that there is still a significant gap between the salaries paid to women working in the state sector, and to men working in the state sector.

The report showed that in some government departments, men enjoyed salaries which were as much as 39 percent higher than women’s salaries.

Metiria Turei , who wrote the statement, added that “…women have been underpaid, and undervalued for too long. This is a calculated decision to pay some people less than others, and women deserve to be paid more than what they currently get.”

It was also noted that while the government has established Joint Working Group to investigate the pay gap, the actions taken are not enough, and “…a ministry and a minister need to be made responsible for developing and implementing a plan to fixing this sexist problem – at the moment we have neither.”

Photo By: Summer Skyes 11