Revera Wins $60 Million IRD Contract

February 12, 2016 New Zealand Taxation

Some More Sun DisksA New Zealand firm has won a multimillion dollar contract to provide online cloud based solutions to the Inland Revenue Department for the next 10 years.

In a statement issued on February 12th the Inland Revenue Department has announced that it has awarded a contract worth up to NZD 60 million to the New Zealand provider of cloud based services.

The contract will see Revera, a subsidiary of Spark, provide cloud based services to the IRD as part of the business transformation programme aimed at updating the tax authority’s infrastructure, processes, and customer-facing services.

The transition to modern cloud based services means that the IRD may see a cost in operating costs as the scale of the services provided and the applicable cost can be reduced or increased to meet the demands of the IRD at the time.

The current contract is set to last 10 years and is expected to be worth approximately NZD 45 million to NZD 60 million over that time.

The first data centre operated by Revera is expected to come online next month.

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