NZ Needs 20% tax on Sugary Drinks Say Experts

April 4, 2016 New Zealand Taxation

Health experts in New Zealand are calling on the government to take a hard stance on sugary drinks and implment a new 20 percent sales tax on such beverages.

Over the weekend a joint letter was presented to the Cabinet Ministers of New Zealand with a call to instate a tax of 20 percent on the sale of sugar-filled beverages.

The letter, which was co-signed by 74 separate health experts, claimed that New Zealand currently has the fourth highest childhood obesity rate in the world.

The health experts conceded that the government has prioritized the issue of childhood obesity in the country, but added that the lack of funding provided to fight the problem will result in a lack of results.

It was claimed that if a tax of 20 percent was levied on the sale of sugary drinks, the government could see tax collections rise by an extra NZD 30 million to NZD 40 million per year.

The extra funds would then be used to pay for extra healthcare programs aimed specifically at tackling the problems arising from childhood obesity.

Photo By: frankieleon