Tourist Bookings Surge in NZ Over February

April 12, 2016 New Zealand Finance

Ruapehu tourist taxGood weather and extra days off have helped continue a two year streak of increased booking for accommodation by tourists in New Zealand.

Consistently warm weather and this year’s leap day has helped boost the number bookings for accommodation by tourists, according to new information released on April 12th by Statistics New Zealand.

The new data shows that in February 2016 the number of national guest nights in New Zealand rose by 7 percent compared to February 2015.

The rise in February follows on from a significant rise in January 2016, and a series of further monthly improvements stretching back for almost 2 years.

In February all regions in New Zealand saw an increase in the number of accommodation nights, and the improvements were spread across all types of accommodation.

The South Island saw higher growth than the North Island, with a 7.8 percent increase and a 6.5 percent increase, respectively.

International tourists also booked a greater number of nights, with guest nights growing by 8 percent compared to the levels in 2015, while domestic travellers only booked 6.1 percent more nights.

Photo By: Felipe Skroski