IRD Warns of Phone Scam

June 18, 2016 New Zealand Taxation

TelephoneTaxpayers across the country have been subject to an increasing number of calls from phone scammers claiming to be calling from the IRD.

In a warning issued on June 17th the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department urged taxpayers to be cautious of a recent spate of scammers trying to defraud legitimate taxpayers.

As of June 14th the Inland Revenue Department has received more than 500 reports from taxpayers of phone calls from individuals claiming to be representatives of the IRD.

The callers would claim that the IRD is pursuing taxpayers for historic unpaid debts, and threatened to engage in legal action unless the debts were paid immediately.

The IRD advised all taxpayers that it would never request bank or credit card details over the phone, even in cases when taxpayers had not met their obligations.

Photo by dianaschnuth