New Zealand Convicts Human Trafficker

September 16, 2016 New Zealand Finance

????.jpgFor the first time ever New Zealand has convicted a person for human trafficking.

On September 15th New Zealand saw the first conviction handed out for the charge of human trafficking.

A Papatoetoe man, Foraz Ali, was convicted of trafficking 15 Fijian nationals to New Zealand to subject them to work for minimal pay and under poor conditions.

Each of the victims was told by Foraz Ali that for a fee of NZD 4 000 they would receive employment in New Zealand paying as much as NZD 900 per week.

However, upon arrival into the country, the workers found that they would ultimately be paid only NZD 100 per week.

Further, the workers were not granted any valid work visas, and, instead, were granted 1 month visitor visas.

Foraz Ali is scheduled to be sentenced in October.

In New Zealand the charge of trafficking carries a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment and a fine of up to NZD 500 000.

The ruling has already won praise from several groups, with Peter Mihaere, CEO of Stand Against Slavery, saying “…this case demonstrates that we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour in New Zealand,” while Kirill Kruger, the Director of the New Zealand immigration firm AMG Immigration, said that the new ruling is a sign of the toughening stance that the New Zealand government is taking against the exploitation of migrant workers.