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New Zealand Won’t Replace ETS

July 11, 2012 International TaxationNew Zealand Taxation

Wind MillsNew Zealand is not looking to change its emissions taxation system in order to harmonize it with the Australian carbon tax scheme.

In a television interview conducted over the weekend the Minister of Trade Tim Groser talked about the country’s current environmental tax system and described how it could be altered in the future.

The Minister issued assurances that the currently scheduled Emissions Trading Scheme would not be changed in order to match Australia’s carbon tax system. His words followed previous comments made by the Prime Minister John Key, in which he suggested that the two countries’ emissions tax programs could be harmonized.

He went on to say that the Prime Minister’s idea of harmonizing the tax systems could be feasible within a few years without having to make significant...

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UK Not Swayed on Departure Tax

June 8, 2012 International TaxationNew Zealand Taxation

Lufthansa A340-300The UK is unlikely to reduce its departure tax for long haul flights, despite an appeal from the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Earlier this week the Prime Minister John Key said that there is little chance that the UK would back down over its recent hikes to departure taxes, which are expected to have a strong negative effect on the number of UK tourists coming to New Zealand.

John Key was scheduled to meet with the Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron on June 5th, and was expected to raise the issue of the UK’s departure tax and the adverse affect that the charge will have on the number of tourist who will see New Zealand as a viable tourist destination.

Following the meeting the New Zealand Prime Minister indicated that it is unlikely that the tax would be removed, saying “…I think in...

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Australian Departure Tax Could Hurt NZ

May 16, 2012 International TaxationNew Zealand Taxation

Come Fly with MeAustralia’s recent hike to the rate of departure tax could reduce the number of Australian tourists coming to New Zealand, and the New Zealand tourism industry is calling for political assistance on the issue.

On May 1th the Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIA) called on Prime Minister John Key voice his concerns to the Prime Minister of Australia Julian Gillard regarding the recent increase to Australia’s high level of departure tax and its potential negative effect on the number of Australian tourist coming to New Zealand.

Last week the Australian government announced that from July 1st the departure tax charged on anyone leaving Australia would be raised from AUD 60 per person to AUD 55 per person, equivalent to a 17 percent hike.

The TIA is concerned that the increase will h...

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No Fat Tax For New Zealand

October 5, 2011 International TaxationNew Zealand Taxation

Fat tax in New ZealandA New Zealand food industry group has talked against fat taxes, saying that the concept does not work and would not improve health in New Zealand.

In a press release published on October 5th the Food Industry Group of New Zealand has struck out against Denmark’s new “fat tax”, saying that the measure is unlikely to have any positive effects on national obesity levels.

The Danish government has recently instated a new tax, which is levied in the fat content of certain foods. The measure was aimed at reducing the fat consumption of Danish citizens, with the intention of improving the national diet. However, Katherine Rich, Chair of the Food Industry Group (FIG), claims that the new tax will only serve to make food more expensive for families...

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